Holiday painting plans....

As friends and family prepare for "getting out of town" for memorial day weekend, I am looking forward to settling "into town" after a week in NYC, and can't wait to spend the next three days in the studio. Especially since my studio is in the basement of my house, where it's nice and cool, and the forecast is hot and humid!

The image above, "August", I finished surprisingly quick, and right before leaving town. The idea for this image is from a movie still off the film: "August Osage County". Which, by the way, I thought was awful and couldn't watch beyond the first 20 minutes, however this image made it all worth it! The cluster of white flowers in the front was my imagination at work, as I was feeling the piece needed something to balance everything out. And I suppose, just like Hay Bales, fields of flowers is just something many landscape painters are drawn to explore.....I often wonder, should I be looking for something completely new to paint? Is that the goal? Something completely original? But then as always, I give in to my impulses and indulgences and allow myself to explore subject matters done many times, but never by me! The originality (hopefully) is in the way I see it. And in this way, instead of spending all my time in my head thinking of "the next great idea", I'm spending it on the canvas, paintbrushes in hand! Nothing will teach you more about painting then the time you spend actually PAINTING. I've learned this in the last 3.5 years that I have been out of school and very consistent in my studio practice. I have gained as much, if not more knowledge, during this time then during my school time. However, my schooling taught me how to go about utilizing my studio time. I've noticed at artist talks that one of the most popular questions asked is "Where do you get your inspiration from?", which is a clear indication that the one asking the question does not do studio practice on any regular basis. If you work in your studio on a consistent basis, inspiration will never be an issue. Your brain will be so connected to the creative flow that you won't be able to keep up with your ideas.

But this is a whole other conversation that I'll save for the next a matter of fact, since I'll be starting on a whole new piece, I'll take you through the steps, starting with the "original inspiration"........ see you then!

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